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How to Start a Prayer Group

If you live in the Appleton, Wisconsin area and are interested in learning how to start or lead a prayer group in your home or church:

Paul and Lee Ann Rubsam host House of Prayer ~ House of Power training sessions for intercessor leaders. Our next group will begin as soon as we have a few people sign up. Tentatively, we will meet on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening, twice monthly, approximately eight sessions.

Anyone who can pray and has an interest in helping others learn to pray is welcome. Leading intercessory prayer groups is easy, if you know a few basic techniques. If we can do this, anyone can!

We start with informal teaching on leading intercession, and on basic intercessory skills that you will pass on to those in the prayer fellowship that you will form. A time of corporate prayer, to practice the how-to's, follows. Personal one-on-one ministry is also available at the end of each session, if you desire.

We cover topics such as:
Getting started
How to lead in revelatory, agreeing prayer
Tips for successful prayer group leadership
How to train up leaders within your group
You will learn to teach others:
Why we need intercessors
Identifying whether intercession is your calling
Developing a consistent prayer and Bible life
How to use the Bible in effective prayer
Using the names of God in prayer and worship
Prayer that gets answers
The power of your prayer language
Finding your intercessory specialty
Hearing from God
Prophecy and the intercessor
Supporting your pastor
What to expect as an intercessor

Don't live in the Appleton, WI area, but you'd like to
learn to start your own prayer group?
You can still order the House of Prayer ~ House of Power
leadership training manual.
U.S.: $12.00   Canada/Mexico: $19.00   Other Int'l: $24.00
(Price includes shipping)

Cost: $10.00 (for training manual)

For more information, please contact Paul and Lee Ann.


Phone: (920) 734-6693