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From Full Gospel Family Publications:

The Beginning Intercessor

Discovering Power with God

Many books have been written on prayer, but few are this user-friendly. Written from a Charismatic/Pentecostal viewpoint, The Beginning Intercessor examines some of the questions intercessors may have, as well as pitfalls to avoid. This booklet is geared toward the newer intercessor, but the seasoned prayer warrior will also find helpful information that is not usually discussed in prayer manuals. Churches looking for intercessor training materials will find The Beginning Intercessor an invaluable starting resource.

(Please note: Since originally publishing The Beginning Intercessor, we have revised and greatly expanded the material it contains and are offering it as a new book, The Intercessor Manual. The Beginning Intercessor remains a very economical option for those who do not wish to purchase the larger book, The Intercessor Manual. But if you purchase The Intercessor Manual, you won't need this one.)

Chapters include:

Why Intercessors?
The Call to Pray
The Bible Helps Our Intercession
Using the Names of God in Prayer and Worship
Prayer that Counts
The Power of Your Prayer Language
Finding Your Specialty
The Prophetic Connection
Supporting Your Pastor
What Can I Expect as an Intercessor?

Paperback, 23 pages.

U.S. price: $6.00 (Price includes shipping.)

Quantity discounts available for 5 or more (U.S. only). Please click here for details.

Special licensing options for churches/ministries. E-mail for details.