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The Intercessor's Companion

Many of you have enjoyed our booklet, Encouragement from God's Word, a topical KJV Scripture listing designed to encourage you in the crisis times of your life. In The Intercessor's Companion, we have greatly expanded the material included in that booklet, added some encouraging commentary, and redone the Bible verses in a modernized rendition of the King James Version for easier reading. This larger book is geared more toward prayer warriors/intercessors. The topical Scripture verse listings will aid you in achieving breakthrough answers to your prayers.

We still offer the smaller booklet, Encouragement from God's Word for those who prefer the KJV, are on a tighter budget, or just don't feel the need for the added topics.


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Topics covered in The Intercessor's Companion:

A Place to Begin:
      1. Your Importance as an Intercessor
Establishing Our Foundations for Prayer:
      2. The Bible Is True
      3. God Intends for Us to Know His Will
      4. God Promises to Guide His Children
      5. God's Promises Shall Stand
      6. God Means Great Good Toward Us
      7. God Will Not Let Us Be Ashamed
      8. God Helps Those Who Trust in Him
      9. God's Faithfulness Is Unfailing
    10. God Has Not Forgotten You
    11. We Need Not Fear
    12. Our God Is Our Safety
    13. You Can Have Peace
    14. Our God Is a Listening God
    15. The Lord Answers Your Prayers
Praying for Specific Needs:
    16. Health and Healing
    17. Prosperity
    18. Salvation for Loved Ones
    19. Israel
    20. Our Nation
    21. Your Pastor (Ministry Leaders, Missionaries)
    22. Relationships
    23. The Church
Our Final Assurance:
    24. God Always Knew It All
    25. God Ultimately Will Have His Way
    26. The Battle Is the Lord's
    27. In God We Have Ultimate Victory
    28. Appendix A: Decreeing the Will of God
    29. Appendix B: Spiritual Warfare


Audio Book:

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Choose from comb-bound paperback, 8 1/2 X 11, 89 pages, or traditionally bound paperback, 6 X 9, 144 pages


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