In the Bible, God reveals His passionate, tender love for His people in the names of endearment
that He lavishes on us. This list will be updated as I find more of them. See how He loves you!


  1. A city not forsaken
  2. A crown of glory in the hand of the LORD (Israel)
  3. A habitation of God through the Spirit
  4. A holy people unto the LORD thy God (Israel)
  5. A holy temple in the Lord
  6. A name and a praise among all people of the earth (Israel)
  7. A partaker of the glory that shall be revealed
  8. A peculiar people
  9. A peculiar treasure unto me above all people (Israel)
  10. A people near unto him
  11. A people of inheritance (Israel)
  12. A people unto thee forever
  13. A pillar in the temple of my God
  14. A remnant
  15. A royal diadem in the hand of thy God (Israel)
  16. A seed
  17. A special people unto himself, above all people (Israel)
  18. A spiritual house
  19. A wise and understanding people
  20. Accepted in the beloved
  21. Ambassadors for Christ
  22. An eternal excellency
  23. Apple of his eye
  24. Beloved of God
  25. Blessed
  26. Branch of my planting
  27. Brethren beloved of the Lord
  28. Called, and chosen, and faithful
  29. Children of Abraham (both Israel and the Church)
  30. Children of God
  31. Children of the Highest
  32. Children of Israel
  33. Children of the living God
  34. Children of the Most High
  35. Children of the promise
  36. Chosen generation
  37. City of the LORD
  38. Daughter of Jerusalem (Israel)
  39. Daughter of Zion (Israel)
  40. Dearly beloved and longed for
  41. Elect of God
  42. Epistle of Christ
  43. Every one that is godly
  44. Faithful and wise servant
  45. Fellow citizens with the saints
  46. Flock of his people
  47. Flock of my pasture
  48. Friends
  49. Good and faithful servant
  50. God's building
  51. God's heritage
  52. God's husbandry
  53. Habitation of God
  54. He that believeth on the Son
  55. He that feareth the LORD
  56. He that hath an ear
  57. He that is spiritual
  58. He that keepeth my works unto the end
  59. He that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book (Revelation)
  60. He that ordereth his conversation aright
  61. He that overcometh
  62. He that trusteth in the LORD
  63. He whose trangression is forgiven
  64. Heir of God through Christ
  65. Heirs according to the hope of eternal life
  66. Heirs of God
  67. Heirs of promise
  68. Heirs of the kingdom
  69. Heirs of salvation
  70. Heirs together of the grace of life
  71. Hephzibah [My delight is in her] (Israel)
  72. His chosen
  73. His disciples
  74. His own house
  75. His peculiar treasure
  76. His workmanship
  77. Holy and beloved
  78. Holy brethren
  79. Holy nation (both Israel and the Church)
  80. Holy priesthood
  81. Holy temple in the Lord
  82. Household of God
  83. Joint-heirs with Christ
  84. Joy of many generations
  85. Kingdom of priests (Israel)
  86. Kings and priests
  87. Laborers together with God
  88. Little children
  89. Lively stones
  90. Lot of his inheritance (Israel)
  91. Man of God
  92. Mine
  93. Mine anointed
  94. Ministers of Christ
  95. Ministers of God
  96. More than conquerors
  97. Mount Zion
  98. My flock
  99. My friends
  100. My joy and crown (Paul speaking)
  101. My mighty ones
  102. My nation (Israel)
  103. My people
  104. My sanctified ones
  105. My servants
  106. My sons and daughters
  107. Partakers of Christ
  108. Partakers of the heavenly calling
  109. Partakers of the Holy Ghost
  110. Partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light
  111. People of God
  112. People saved by the LORD
  113. Priests of God and of Christ
  114. Rod of his inheritance
  115. Royal priesthood
  116. Saints
  117. Saints of the Most High
  118. Seed of Abraham (both Israel and the Church)
  119. Servant of Christ
  120. Sons
  121. Sons of God
  122. Sons of the living God
  123. Sought out
  124. Stewards of the mysteries of God
  125. Stones of a crown
  126. Strangers and pilgrims
  127. Sweet savor of Christ
  128. Temple of God
  129. The body of Christ
  130. The bride
  131. The called according to his purpose
  132. The called of Jesus Christ
  133. The Church
  134. The faithful in Christ Jesus
  135. The generation of them that seek him
  136. The glory of Christ
  137. The Holy people
  138. The just
  139. The Lamb's wife
  140. The LORD's portion
  141. The man that trusteth in thee
  142. The man whom thou choosest, and causest to approach unto thee
  143. The nation whose God is the LORD
  144. The people of his pasture
  145. The people that know the joyful sound
  146. The people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance
  147. The pillar and ground of the truth (the corporate Church)
  148. The place of my feet (Israel)
  149. The place of my sanctuary (Israel)
  150. The planting of the LORD
  151. The redeemed
  152. The redeemed of the LORD
  153. The righteousness of God in him [in Jesus]
  154. The seed which the LORD hath blessed
  155. The sheep of his hand
  156. The true worshippers
  157. The upright
  158. They that are preserved in Jesus Christ
  159. They that are sanctified by God the Father
  160. They that are sanctified in Christ Jesus
  161. They that believe to the saving of the soul
  162. They that dwell in thy house
  163. They that fear thy name
  164. They that keep the commandments of God
  165. They that keep the faith of Jesus
  166. They that look for him
  167. They that love God
  168. They that rejoice in my highness
  169. They that walk uprightly
  170. They that were ready [for the Lord's return]
  171. They which are called
  172. They which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb
  173. They which are of faith
  174. They which are written in the Lamb's book of life
  175. They which believe and know the truth
  176. They who are sanctified
  177. Thine anointed
  178. Thine inheritance
  179. Those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice
  180. Those that hope in his mercy
  181. Those that love his appearing
  182. Those who are the called according to his purpose
  183. Those who have tasted of the heavenly gift
  184. Those who have tasted the good word of God
  185. Those who have tasted the powers of the world to come
  186. Thy congregation
  187. Thy hidden ones
  188. Thy turtledove
  189. Trees of righteousness
  190. Whosoever believeth on him [on Jesus]
  191. Work of my hands
  192. Ye righteous
  193. Ye that are upright in heart
  194. Ye that did cleave unto the LORD your God
  195. Ye that hope in the LORD
  196. Zion
  197. Zion of the Holy One of Israel


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